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The Young Republic started out as a mailing list on 19 October 2003 for young Singaporeans by young Singaporeans, to discuss serious issues of interest to us all.

The Young Republic Mailing List covers a vast array of topics under the sun. Since our earliest days , we have discussed political topics such as National Service, Interpretations of Racism, and social controversies such as Oral Sex in Singapore, Science and Faith, and the nature of some elitist prep schools in Singapore.

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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Okay offical line out....

Official description of The Young Republic

The Young Republic is a private mailing list set up in October 2003 to discuss political and social issues. Most of its members are Singaporean.

>4) What is the significance of Young Republic to you and to other young

What the Young Republic represents I think is an experiment to build a community for young people interested in Singapore's political and social development. It provides a forum for young Singaporeans to test their ideas, to share their ideas, and be prepared to debate and defend them.

It also represents a way to make free discussion more mature in Singapore. From the heated and passionate tone of some of the emails making up the discussions, a casual observer may commentators that the commentators with the most serious disagreements would kill each other if they saw each other on the street. Yet very often it is the exact opposite which is closer to the truth. I think that encouraging this sort of culture is healthy in Singapore's development.


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