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Monday, April 11, 2005

As much as I know about how hundreds of thousands of Chinese were
brutally tortured and killed in the course of Japanese atrocities
during World War II, and as much as I would agree that the Japanese do
have a problem in fully admitting that they really did a lot of awful
things in the course of a particularly gruesome war all over Asia 60
years ago, China has a problem.

Let me refer to you to a historical story which happened during during
the Warring States period. The king of Yue gets captured by the Wu
state and gets imprisoned and humiliated for 20 years. After that, he
returns to Yue, builds up his state, and then, in memory of the
bitterness and humiliation of his treatement under the Wu kingdom, he
comes in with his army to annihilate the whole country.

And that, pretty much sums up the attitude of China to the rest of the
world today. It is a zero sum game in which "The winner becomes the
king, and the loser becomes the prisoner".

Moreover in the long course of Chinese history, there has been little
evidence to suggest that the China would treat weaker opponents with
magninamity. As popular

Think about it. Suppose China eventually does reach the superpower
status of America- and my feeling is that it can probably do it. What
would be its most likely fundamental policy in relation to the rest of
the world then? Would it be "Let's use this power to help bring peace
and prosperity to the rest of the world?" Or would it be "Aha! We are
very powerful now. Now is the time to wreak revenge on Japan, on
America, on Britain, on France- heck just about everybody who has made
us lose face in the past for over 200 years of our history! Haha!"

The evidence at the protests sadly, does suggest the latter. Think about it. We hear breathtakingly petty justifications for the boycott
of Japanese goods- because apparently there is a 20 billion dollar
yuan surplus in favour of Japan. Never mind the economics of
comparative advantage for now. The problem is attitude.

The Chinese would do well to remember the story of another people,
with whom they are connected in mysterious ways. Remember 1999? You
know, the year when the United States bombed your embassy in Belgrade
due to faulty intellegence (thanks to the Iraq war, we now all know
that these bumbling fools were probably actually teling the truth).

If you recall, that intervention was in favour of Kosovars who were
getting ethinically cleansed by Serbians.

And among the other justifications that ultra-nationalist Serbs used
to justify killing Kosovars (who mostly happened to be muslims) was an
almost long forgotten battle in 1389 when they got whacked by Turkish

I can very well assure young Chinese citizens that if they fail to put
their nationalist feelings in perspective, the end result will be a
great many lives lost and a great amount of blood shed. It will be
genocide and ethnic cleansing on a scale the world has never seen
before. You will be using the patriotic poetry of Chinese heroes like
Yue Fei to eat the meat and drink the blood of other human beings.
Given, as everyone would agree, the several thousand year history of
Chinese civilisation, the only question that remains is "What
grivience shall the Chinese nurse first? "

I can assure you Chinese citizens too, that it is not just the
Japanese who are disturbed by Chinese behaviour- it is just about
every nationality in the world whose ancestors have, at some point or
another, offended the sensibilities of China.

You are no longer proving anything. You are merely scaring the whole world.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Think you don't understand the history of Chinese well enough. China had been the most advance civilisation for many years. If you take a careful look at the history of China, when there is peace, most of the time the Chinese will end up writing peotry and enjoy themselves.

One more thing, gun power is invented by China. They only use it to make firecrack for celebration. Of course, you can say that they are foolish. But that tell you the basic character of China people.

If you know about Zhen He?? He travel around the world and some even said he went to america. Did he conquer every single new land he "found"?

But of course, after hundred years of unrest, humiliation and poverty, the current Chinese may had changed.

I rest my case... just like the american, there is no good or bad.. only national interest...


May 30, 2005 1:05 pm  
Blogger Koh said...

Full of rubbish this is.

China was no doubt the world's most advanced civilisation up till around 1500. Unfortunately, this anonymous poster (who writes in terrible english!), clearly isn't very familiar with his own Chinese history.

"When there is peace, most of the time the Chinese will end up writing peotry [sic] and enjoy themselves". Yes, but trite and ultimately pointless.

He goes on to put in two examples to "prove" that us Chinese are inherently peaceful people. Firstly, let us lay to rest the myth that us Chinese did not think of using gunpowder for warfare:

So there _were_ Chinese weapons using gunpowder in the Song Dynasty. Why they did not become ever more destructive. Because there was no need to. What state could match the power of China.

Ditto for Zheng He. The Chinese didn't want to conquer the whole of Asia and Africa. Yes. But why? Because they were inherently peaceful? For one thing, the Ming Dynasty's existing territory was already very rich, densely populated, and prosperous. Why loot and plunder abroad when you can simply tax the peasants to build a Forbidden City, with magnificent royal tombs and later on, Summer Palaces to boot? Moreover this was an empire which governed an area two or three times the size of France, with communications technology that was at best, medieval.

Given these conditions, it would have been most prudent at the time to follow the advice of those officials who counselled consolidation of home-rule, as opposed to empire building over the uncertain seas. It's always easier to criticise this on hindsight, but who would have guessed at the time that mastery of the sea was the key to world domination?

Moreover, whatever else can be said about western technology, (size of ships et al), the plundering Portuguese, Spaniards, Dutch and English had the advantage in making firearms. Indeed, European techniques had lept so far ahead that it was European Jesuits whose advice was sought for making guns during the late Ming and early Qing dynasties!

May 31, 2005 10:51 pm  
Anonymous Jo said...

Koh, To sum it up, you (a Chinese) are saying that your own race is a vengeful, petty and narrow minded rac, incapable of looking ahead and forgiving the past. We are talking comparatively here! Just compare the extent of the empires of the west with China. Currently the societies in the west are enjoying a First World developed status because they managed to plunder, displaced (Aborigines and Red Indians and Maoris) from there land in the past few centuries. So because of their aggressive behaviour and current superiority, you look down on your own ethnicity and roots. There is no words to describe people like you..
If you think you are utterly westernised, please go live in mid western US and see if those guys there accept you as a westerner.

"Anonymous" may not have expressed in the most eloquent english (big deal? He is probably not british!)

June 17, 2005 11:30 pm  
Blogger Koh said...

Precisely. I don't see why the Chinese are any less rapacious than Western civilisations. The stronger and more aggressive powers have always conquered the weak. Qin against the other six piddling states. Cao Cao against everyone's favourite "righteous" fool, Liu Bei. The Mongols and the Manchus against the Chinese people.

Anyway, I am particularly annoyed by the suggestion that I am ashamed by being ethnically Chinese, and that I would like to colour my skin whiter than Michael Jackson. Why admire the Anglo-saxons for plastering themselves all over Australia and North America? The Chinese are the original and the best cultural assimilators the world has ever seen! One fifth of humanity considers themselves to be "Han Zu", including me. How much less successful can you get than that? Perhaps it is you who are ashamed of being Chinese, and haven't really considered the long term view (the 5000 year view, that is).

The point is much blood is shed in the process of becoming a world power. The least us Chinese could do is not pretend it is anything otherwise. The Chinese are not the only "vengeful, petty and narrow minded rac, incapable of looking ahead and forgiving the past." There have been many nations which have wreaked terrible horror in their desire for revenge on other peoples- look at the Germans against the Jews, the Japanese against ethnic Chinese.

What would make China so morally different when it becomes a world power? Being immoral and ruthless in the pursuit of power is nothing alien to 5000 years of Chinese history. And if you don't understand that dominance and the pursuit of power are very much part of Chinese culture, you have no right to accuse others of being ashamed of being "Chinese".

June 22, 2005 1:06 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If a chinese cannot respect a fellow chinese, I cannot see any white would respect any yellow around. Period.

November 21, 2005 9:23 pm  

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